NPR and the Free Market

…Never really gave too much thought to this in the past because there are other things far more interesting going on in life but I think it might be time for NPR to step up and compete in the open marketplace with their product fair and square. Juan Williams said it best actually – paraphrasing he said “I love NPR but they think that they are some public jewel that needs protection and that’s nonsense”. NPR should be defunded by the American taxpayer and the staion give it a shot in the open market.

The Left is always preaching about tolerance and how nobody but they are tolerant.  Tolerance is a two-way street and the American taxpayer should not have to support the kind of intolerance displayed by NPR in the firing of Juan Williams for simply expressing how he feels if it happens to not jive with the template of the station.  Juan is right when he says we so often become so politically correct that we risk denying the reality that is around us.   If the people that head up NPR believe it is such the jewel then they should be set free from the taxpayers to compete in the open market against all of the other radio offerings.  If NPR is such a jewel there will be a market for their broadcast offering without taxpayer support.

What could they possibly be afraid of by competing in the open market if their offering is so good?  Maybe the same fate of Air America?


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