How much of your life is yours?

If I could only have one thing to say about what’s wrong with government it would be the assumption by so many in government that government is somehow entitled to your life before you are.

This is something we’ve seen now for a 100 years but it seemingly has never been more prevalent than right now under the current Obama administration and indeed worldwide.

In the UK some are trying to propose that the government get your paycheck before you do to take what it deems their share and then send the rest to you.

Yes there will always be the producers and the moochers in any society but the true danger are the enablers in government that somehow think it is unfair that the person that makes the right decisions in life, take the risks in life to grow and achieve becomes well off but that those who do not are somehow entitled to a portion of the efforts of others.   If someone works hard and make good decisions if it perfectly fair that they own the results.

The enablers in government think it is perfectly “fair” that those who do not make good decisions in life or those who squander their life should are somehow entitled to a portion of the efforts of those who worked for it.

The concept of fairness is so out of whack it seems lately – work hard and make it happen for yourself and those around you – that’s somehow not fair, but go through life making poor choices and somehow you’re entitled to your fellow citizen’s productive efforts (and it some cases even if you’re not even a citizen!)

Those that are successful should be (and are) free to offer help, assistance, money, guidance, education to anyone they choose and many do that through their own free will.  But it should be their choice and not stolen from them up front by some “benevolent enabler” that is so beautifully compassionate with your paycheck.

I am 100% for helping our fellow men and building a civilized society, but a need on my part should not be an obligation on yours and vice-versa.


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