Being in the know with AHAlife


Who doesn’t like to come across something cool, something unique, or that one thing that you know will be just right for your friend who likes the neat things in life?  Then check out AHAlife.

AHAlife is a collectively curated online discovery platform that just recently launched.  Users can learn about and purchase top-notch lifestyle products and each product is submitted by an AHAlife “curator”.  Curators can be well-known (Diane von Furstenburg and Tim Gunn are two) to top bloggers from around the world.  Users can also submit products and become part of the curator community.

The idea behind AHAlife is to find the more interesting products in the world, feature them in an editorial fashion, and collect orders for them either on-demand or even in a timed sales format.  The platform features one product each day for 24 hours.

Check it out here and if you’re lucky enough to know someone that can help you get invited as a curator, think about that cool product you saw last time you were in whatever city and share it.


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