Two year plan

Obama recently gave a speech in Milwaukee attempting to convince the crowd that he was all about jobs and getting people back to work (yawn – who believes this man anymore?)… He made a comment that for the past two years the Republicans have consistently opposed his economic proposals and seem to be running on the slogan of “No, we can’t and if I said fish live in the sea, they’d say no.”

On the first part… uh yeah…you don’t just go along with bad ideas simply because the President proposes them.  If Barack Obama would propose a GOOD idea and maybe he’d get more support.  If Barack Obama would come before the American people and say

“My fellow Americans, you know, I’ve tried to remake America in my vision and I’ve seen that it’s not going to work, that Americans don’t like to be force fed health insurance, and do not like re-distributionist policies, and enjoy being self-reliant and having and environment where people CAN be self-reliant, and I’m going to now propose cutting spending and pushing tax cuts for the most productive among us to be able to have more certainty and start putting some of their assests to work growing their businesses and employing people”,

… then maybe he’d get more Republican support.

But in the meantime, the Republicans are doing the right thing to do everything possible to block Obama when he wants to install some policy that we all know will not work.  Obama makes it sound as if he gets blocked for no good reason.  Let’s face reality.  Since 2006 the Deomcrats have controlled Congress and since the election of Obama the Democrats have controlled everything.  So why are they so mad?  They’re being blocked by nobody and they own all the results.   They’ve had their hands on all the controls for years with zero positive results – on the contrary.   So yes, it’s a good thing Obama get’s opposed when his ideas are destructive and time is running out for this man and the ideas he and his party support.

So here should be the two year plan from 10,000 feet.

1. Vote out as many Democrats as possible this November.  They simply gotta go.

2. Then immediately pass policies to repeal Obamacare and replace it with an free market system where health care does not come through your employer but is purchased just like you purchase auto, home, and life insurance.

3. Then move to make sure the Bush tax cuts get made permanent.  You want jobs, keep taxes low so employers have more money in their pockets and businesses to expand.  Make then even more tax cuts and trim the roles of government workers by 25% nationally the review if more cuts needed.

4. Move to cut spending.  See the 1993 movie Dave and watch how he balances the budget in 1 evening (yes it’s funny and not realistic but you’ll get the idea when you see the scene).

5. Vote on foregoing payroll taxes for a period of 1 year.  This will be an instant stimulus of every working person without any headaches of having to collect tax revenue and then sending out “checks” from some nanny government.  Just cut the take at the source and watch more money flow into the hands of people instantly because it stays in the hands of people in the first place.  This part to go hand in hand with the deep spending cuts above.

6. Find a stellar republican candidate for President (Chris Christie perhaps?) and vote out Barack Obama as top priority in 2012.

That was cathartic.  I’m feeling better already about the future knowing that Yes We Can!



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