Liberals Are Ruining The USA

Liberal Democrats are decimating the very people they claim to care about.  Enough is enough.  Since 2007 Democrats have had control of the USA Congress where laws are made.  Liberal Democrats say that they represent the “working people” but they deliberately enact policies that have consequences that end up destroying economies, families, housing markets, financial markets, companies and they they come out and say things like “we need to get jobs back on track”…. This is a total farce.

The elite liberals ( the ruling class) know exactly what they’re doing, its the masses of people who did the “cool” thing and swept Barack Obama into power that are, as so many sa,y “the useful idiots” that are ruining it for everyone.  Look at this incredible chart of unemployment since January of 2007 until now and pay close attention to the map as of the coronation of Barack Obama.

Maybe now millions of people in America are finally starting to wake up and understand just who provides the jobs in a society and will start to call for making life easier on employers.  Poor people do not employ people.  Scared employers do not employ people either.  We know that many companies are sitting on millions and millions of dollars that they could put to use tomorrow if they wanted to, but let me ask you, why should they?  Why should employers go out there and hire waves of people right now with Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and a Democratically controlled everything openly threatening to raise their taxes, regulations, rules, and generally making it beyond complicated to do business.

Right now in America businesses do not succeed because of Obama and Democrats, businesses that are succeeding are doing so in spite of these ass clowns.

Obama’s America sees 40 million people on Food Stamps, a Federal Reserve buying its own debt, unemployment at 10% to 20% depending on how you count it, negativity, bitterness, bankruptcies and foreclosures all around, slow or no growth, people throwing racism charges around simply because you criticize the policies of a guy who happens to be black, and a complacent media that is nothing more that a propaganda machine for the White House.

There is an anger in America today that I have never seen and while it’s a shame that the Democratic party has brought the country to the brink and wants to send it off a cliff, at least thanks to them reasonable Americans have become suffieciently tired of these people and it is predicted now that come November 2nd there is going to be a blow out of an election purging huge numbers of a.) Democrats, and b.) Congresspeople who simply have overstayed their welcome (Charlie Wrangel, John McCain, Barbara Boxer etc…) There is simply no other way to put this….they need to be kicked out of Congress by the voters.

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Have you seen the ad being run by Ben Quayle who is running for Congress?  I mean he might not have a shot because he’s the son of Dan Quayle who never really set the world on fire, but the opening line of his pitch does not mince words when he says “Barack Obama is the worst President in history”.  He’s right.  Obama in the short term and the long term will go down as the absolute worst President this country has ever had to live through.

The country and the world needs to understand what happens when you elect people like this and put them in power with such absolute destructive policies.  And to make matters worse, the bad stuff has not even gone into effect yet – wait until January 2011 when tax cuts expire, health care costs go up up up, business hoard cash, and more and more people’s lives get ruined thanks to these dip-shits in Washington who think this is somehow all a game of happy society where the producers with simply comply with their wishes.

There is no longer any room for compromise with these people.  There is no common ground – none.  The liberal Democrats are ruining the USA systematically and trying to get as much of their agenda done as possible before they get kicked out in November.  There are some Republicans that need to go as well but by and large the voters of this country must overwhelmingly reverse the power in Washington this year and vote out every Democrat possible.  Period.  Liberal Democrat control of the USA is racking up such a massive bill that the kids of our kids will be asking what the hell were you all thinking back in 2008?

The only solution is to vote the enablers in Washington out, set Capitalism free, and allow people to live up to their full potential without government getting in the way.  The bottom of this article has some excellent suggestions.

When Obama is out in 2012 it will be a good riddance for sure.





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