Wish List for the Country

Was going to enter this on Facebook but it became to long…. Status Update…  June 2010.  How to best say this?  … 

I want nothing to do with Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Durbin, Frank, the Democrat party, their ideas, plans, programs, or intentions.  Get these people out of power.   

I want much smaller government.

I want huge cuts in government spending.

I want less taxes across the board.

I want better use of taxes

I want less regulations across the board.   

I want a government that gives people the chance to fail instead of trying to create a “no one must fail society” – which has the exact opposite effect (back to intentions perhaps?).   

I want Congresspeople that are not anti-American.  

I want a President that is not anti-American.  

I want freedom from soft tyranny.

I want to not feel like I’m watching Pee-Wee’s big adventure when I look at the President

I want encouragement of the private sector.

I want some sort of a test before you can vote – kind of like learning how to drive before you get a license.

That’s pretty clear right?     

ps.  I want out of social security also.  I will sign a document today waiving any rights I might have down the road to any funds from the govt in exchange for the freedom to plan for my own future as I wish.  Fair enough?

Somebody please let Chris Christie know he’s needed in DC shortly.


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