Rationality Crosses All Kinds of Borders

Anyone who’s read past entries on my blog knows that I am not a big fan of big government nor the schtick government always spouts about the rich not paying their “fair share” of taxes.  It seems that every government spouts this nonsense which only keeps down the very people big government and like-minded politicians claim to want to help.

I 100% agree that the the more productive income earners among us in the USA in fact do not pay their “fair share”…. they are over taxed and paying far more than their “fair share”.  The IRS publishes the stats regularly and the top 50% of income earners in the USA pay virtually 100% of the taxes at the Federal level.  There no way around this statistic.  The more productive you are the more you are taxed.  This is only another way of saying the more successful you are the more you shall be penalized.  Taxes = Money = Time = Life.   Effectively. the more you are unduly taxed, the more of your life is stolen from you.

Above is a pie chart graph that shows how Taxes = Money = Time = Life (from 2006) but the numbers today are surely about the same. For any given family that pays taxes, how is it acceptable that the largest chunk of the pie is for Federal Taxes?  I mean come on, I’m down with the fact that we need a tax base, but the biggest chunk of income producing time is allocated to Federal Taxes (which a huge chunk of simply gets wasted on obscenely wasteful Federal spending).

Well it seems that this issue crosses many borders now including China where the more productive Chinese are leaving China for Singapore, Australia, Canada, and the USA (while the American’s “Plan B” have them going to a whole different set of countries).

Rationality is multi-lingual.  It seems that big government is big government and people are people.  Whether you’re a productive American or a productive Chinese, rational people do not like being taken advantage of.


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