Let’s get real on Arizona

The main pillar of this blog is rationalism above all else.  I like to find unique and cool things in the world and bring them into the blog but before that the main purpose of this blog is rational thought – that people should be rational about life, grounded in reality, and rooted in an objective view of the things that happen in the world.  I love facts.

I am not a fan of superstitions, not a fan of unfounded beliefs, and not a fan of people or institutions that want to get in the way of the individual’s rights to their own life, their own liberty, and their own property.  I am for helping people that want to help themselves.  I am for helping people that can’t help themselves but not being forced at the point of a gun to do so.

So here then in the curious case of what’s going on in Arizona, while it is convenient for race baiters and fools to jump on the fact that Arizona has voted to uphold the existing federal laws on how immigration is to be handled, it doesn’t change the fact that in fact there are in place a set of laws on how to handle immigration.

Let’s get real about a few things.

Americans WELCOME immigrants.  But there exists a very clear process to handle this and jumping the freaking border is not a part of it.    America is full of immigrants that went through the established process to become a legal American citizen.   It is both absurd and insane to hold the interests of non-citizens above the rights of citizens first in any country.  You do not hold the interests and wishes (and frankly audacious demands) of those here illegally above and before the citizens of the country.

MSNBC (or as some deliciously call it MSLSD) actually published an article with the headline “Arizona law makes it a crime to be an illegal immigrant“.  Are you kidding me.  Are you kidding the country?

Arizona has been waiting for a looooooong time for the Federal government to help enforce the immigration laws that are on the books currently and seemingly got tired of waiting so they simply took matters into their own hands at the state level, for their state.   They essentially mimicked the existing Federal law so they could do something about the real problem that exists there and the role of the Governor of any state is to protect the interests of the citizenry of that state.

Then along comes the President of the USA to say that it’s misguided?  What’s the agenda?  This has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with legal versus illegal immigration and Arizona happens to be on the border of Mexico.  Neither Mexico nor Mexicans are even mentioned in the law.

It is a law about legal versus illegal immigration and you’re not going to be asked for your papers while you’re having an ice cream so those who have your pants all up in a tizzy please spare us the comparisons to wartime Germany or Civil Right march eras.  It ain’t like that any more and frankly it’s an old and tired line.

The country is full of legal immigrants of all colors, ethnicities, and races who are now part of the fabric of the country and did it properly with respect for the laws of the country to be here.  Our President is Black and millions of non-black people voted for him to be in office.  The USA is not a racist place so cut the crap on this.

That any illegal alien in the USA would have the freaking balls to stand up individually or en masse to claim some sort of human rights or national rights to be in the USA is absurd.  It is not a race issue nor is it a human rights issue.  It is not any other issue other than an immigration issue and you are either pregnant or you’re not.

You or I cannot just go to Mexico or any other country for that matter without going through a passport control and in many cases applying for Visas and other permissions.  I accept that and it sounds about right.  If I want to go to Mexico (or China, or India, or Brazil, or Canada, or anywhere I need to ask permission to enter the country, then answer a bunch of questions, and then I’m granted a period of time in which I can legally stay.

And I better have my passport on me if I should for some reason get stopped by the cops while walking around in some other country – and that passport better have a stamp in it.  Why then is it so audacious for the USA (or Arizona in this case if the USA is failing to handle it at the AZ border) to require the same?

Do you want to go to Mexico?…  better click here to see what is required as a US citizen to enter Mexico.  Do you know how Mexico deal with illegal immigrants in Mexico?  Click here for some details on this.

On a personal note, I am married to a beautiful woman from Colombia.  I was married in Colombia.  When I got married I had to PROVE to the Colombian authorities that I was only going to get married in Colombia and not plan on staying in Colombia and be a “burden” on their society.  I had to submit bank statements to show that I would not be a drag on their country.   Let me repeat that – Colombia forced me to prove that I would be able to financial support myself while in Colombia since I was getting married there.  I love Colombia and have been there several times, but how many US citizens are trying to move to Colombia?

Arizona is not being racist so those who want to tow that line please spare the others in the room who aren’t buying it.  It BS and you know it.

The US government wants you now to PROVE that you have health insurance but does not want the Arizona cops to be able to ask someone to prove that they are in the USA legally.  Get freaking real.    The first is a complete and utter attack on your individual liberty (not to mention unconstitutional and more than worthy of repeal) and the latter is a complete and utter failure to protect the sovereignty of the country.

If the Federal Government is against Arizona helping to enforce existing Federal border laws, then why not just get rid of the Federal immigration laws entirely?  Barack Obama and the Democratically controlled Congress could simply get together and repeal the current laws that govern immigration, they have the votes.   If we’re not interested in enforcing them anyway then why have them?

Then there are the boycotts.  How dumb and irrational is that?  The Mayor of San Francisco is going to Boycott Arizona and not travel there for official business.  Sounds great, now if only the 49 other states would enact similar state level immigration laws San Francisco could save a ton of money!

For anyone that would care to read the law here it is.

The Federal government is attempting to control virtually every single aspect of your life right now from the amount of salt we consume to how many calories are in our muffins to your healthcare, to your retirement, the banks, the car companies, housing, and on and on but the very thing the Federal government should be looking after (border control and protection) they’re apparently not (at least in Arizona).

A few weeks ago the media in the USA was covering Tea Parties and making completely baseless comments that there is an underlying violence in such groups and trying to associate the movement to the Oklahoma bomber etc ….  Yet when there are real stories of illegal aliens (key word = illegal) and actual stories and video of violence and protests and marches nobody in the mainstream media bats an eye.

I will predict today that come November there is going to be a massive, never before seen turnout on election day to simply clean house of the people who are supposed to first and foremost represent the rights of the citizens of the USA before and above any interests of visitors to the USA.

I also am willing to bet that a huge amount of legal immigrants will be on board with this because those who have legally immigrated to the USA understand the beauty of this country in many cases even better that those who are born in the USA.  They get it, they appreciate it, and they will protect the very reasons why so much of the world would love to come here.

I have traveled to about 30 countries over the past 20 years and while there are many fantastic places in the world, I can tell you that there truly is no place like the USA.  Those of you here that have not traveled overseas simply do not comprehend why it is the world looks up to the USA.

You can poo-poo it all you want and say that the world now respects us because we have a “reasoned man” in the Oval Office.  I have news for you.  They don’t.  Overseas they are laughing at Barack Obama.  Overseas the mock is palpable.  In fact in many places where I have recently been overseas I’ve run into people that are actually afraid of what’s going on as the President and his posse shred the USA a hundred different ways.  Overseas they know that if the USA goes down, the world is going to be in rough waters.

To close this, I would like to recommend that you read this article by Byron York which puts what may be the most rational touch on a debate that simply should not even be a debate.

In the most unfortunate, painful, and costly way, thank God for Barack Obama.  If it were not for him the country would have never figured out what it looks like to come this close to looking like Venezuela.  He has given the the USA the opportunity that likely no other individual could have.  Come November there is going to be a course correction like never before and then again in 2012.

And good for Arizona for having a set of cojones..

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