In 1000 Years we will just be Earthlings

I recently came back from I think my 10th trip to China.  China is changing so fast it’s hard to fathom.

On this last trip there was an interesting article in the paper about Chinese men choosing to go to Vietnam to find a wife instead of seeking a Chinese

The reason for this according to the article is that too many Chinese women only want rich guys and the Chinese men like that the Vietnamese
women are “obedient”.  That’s actually kind of funny but it is in line with something I’ve been thinking for years which is that there is so much
cross border marriage with no end in sight that in 1000 years or less we’re simply going to be Earthlings.

We’ll probably all look alike and have 60 or 70 different bloodlines in us. Homogenization is happening right now all over the world.  The East in influencing the West and the West is influencing the East and everything in between.

The global movement of people means more kids with multi-multi country bloodlines in
them.  People will no longer be just Irish or just Japanese, or just Brazilian. For good or for bad people in the future will be just be Earthlings.


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