Income Taxes and Quantity Discounts

In almost every area of life if you purchase something in volume you get a discount right?  Just look at Costco.  Buy a thousand ounces of ketchup and you get a much better price than if you just went to the grocery store and bought a single bottle.

It SHOULD be the same in taxes paid to the government yet it works exactly the opposite – and this one of the reasons why there is such indigestion about this issue.

How does it make sense that the more you make the more in taxes you should pay on a percentage basis?  How does it make sense that the more you generate in income the more you are forced (not asked) to pay in taxes on a percentage basis?

If we are going to continue to have an income tax let’s offer taxpayers volume discounts.   This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats.  It has to do with treating the country’s “best customers” with decent discounts the more they buy…. pay more in taxes and save!

With the current report that about half of the country paying Federal income taxes while the other half pays nothing, it seems to me that the only reward program the country is offering is a BOGO – Buy one get one free.  Pay for yourself, pick someone and pay for them too.  Who is assigned to you?


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