The European Irony


Europe has a lot going for it.  The place is wonderful.  The food is outrageously good.  The people are beautiful.  The Mediterranean is stunning.  The languages are rich.  The history is intense.  But Europe also has a long history of Socialism and general socialistic tendencies.  Anyone who has ever done business in Europe or lived in Europe knows the intrinsic problems Europe has in this area.   When you live there and work there for prolonged period of time you SEE first-hand the lack of results.  Things don’t work when they should, unions ruin all kinds of things, people go on strike all the time, and just about every country in Europe is in a perpetual national debt.  Yet when you discuss this will many in Europe they will beam with pride at how their system is just full of such splendor and fairness.  This “fairness” has been slowing killing their economies for decades.

It doesn’t matter almost where you go in Europe, the “leaders” of the countries extoll the virtues of the productive paying their “fair share” in taxes so that things are more “even”. 

Now comes Mr. Pieter Cleppe, Head of the Open Europe Institute who stated last week that “It would not be fair to let taxpayers from all over Europe pay for the
mistakes of bad governance in Greece. They should now bear the
consequences of what they have done and default.”

Now that’s rich!  Now that Greece is in trouble for not having managed itself in a fiscally responsible way the rest of Europe all of a sudden wants to become conservative? 

Hey leaders of Europe, wouldn’t the same virtures that so many of you claim as virtuous and wonderful at the individual level work equally as well at the country level?  What’s the difference?  Apparently the European leaders that think it is perfectly fine to overcharge (steal from) the more productive and responsible among them don’t think it’s so funny at the country level when they now happen to be on that short end of that stick.  Now they know how their most productive citizens feel. 

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