Perfect words for the moment

Thank God we have certain people in the USA that have the brains, a knack for critical thinking, a massive forum to get the word out, and the ability to call it like they see it.  Among these people is Rush Limbaugh.  Limbaugh is not only sharp and on his game, he is funny as hell.  However, today, one day post State of the Union, Limbaugh was sincere, somber, sober, and right on the money.   I would like to share on this blog a few words he put out there today because they were just right for the moment.

  • “No
    matter where he is, Barack Obama is always the least experienced most
    condescending guy in the room.  He has a personality uniquely unsuited
    for constructive leadership.  Community organizing?   Yeah.
    Leadership?  No.  He’s boorish.”
  • “The least accomplished man in the room lectured everyone as if they were freshmen in their first last year of college.

Then Rush penned an open letter to Obama which I hope every person in the USA gets to read or hear.  I’d like to paraphrase some of the best parts here:

Obama, It’s time to man up.  It’s time to grow up.  That
speech last night was an embarrassment.  You couldn’t focus, you lashed
out in all directions, you refused to accept responsibility for your
own actions, and you were angry.

This is a representative republic, not a banana republic, and
let me remind you: Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky are not our Founding
Fathers.  This is a nation built on individuality, built on liberty,
free markets, and faith.  Yet you, Barack, demand fidelity to a
different belief system: A system that crushes individual initiative
and free will.  The president does not berate Supreme Court justices
who are guests of the Congress and who have no ability to respond to
your attacks.  You’ve made such a mess of things, Barack, and it’s time
to stop deluding yourself. It’s time to stop blaming others.  You are
delusional.  You are delirious.  It’s time for you to assume the
responsibilities of a president rather than pretending to be one.

driven the nation’s debt over the edge.  It is your responsibility to
fix it now.  Otherwise, our young people will have no future.  You were
wrong to grant terrorists constitutional rights. Even the libs in New
York don’t want the trial there now!  You, Mr. President, are
endangering the security of this nation.  Now fix it!  Reverse course,
and end the terrorists — all of them — back to Guantanamo Bay, where
they belong.  You are wrong to nationalize one industry after another
from automobiles to banks.  You are destroying competition and jobs.
You need to stop what you were doing before millions of more families
go broke from your misguided policies.  It’s not too late to stop
this.  I know you’re not going to stop it because last night you said
you don’t quit, and I know what you mean.  

You’re gonna keep
plugging for the same agenda, which is going to destroy this country
even more — which makes me think, Barack, that’s your objective.  You
know, Barack, unlike most presidents you’re dealing with a Congress
that has super majorities in both houses, fellow Democrats.  It amazes
me that with all the talk about your ability to persuade and
communicate, that you can’t even hold your own party members together
anymore.  Is that Bush’s fault, too? Is it is fault of the banks and
the insurance companies and the lobbyists that you can’t keep your own
Democrat Party unified — or is it a problem with your leadership,
Barack, or lack of leadership?  It’s the latter, Mr. President. I’ll
tell you, you are not a leader. You are an agitator and an organizer,
and a process guy, but you are not a leader.  It is you who are doing
something wrong.

The people in Virginia don’t like it.  The
people in New Jersey don’t like it.  The people in Massachusetts don’t
like it.  The people in Massachusetts and all over the country have the
ability to inform themselves outside of your sycophant press corps, and
they are doing so.  Members of your own governing majority don’t like
what you are doing.  I mean, this calls for some self-reflection and
some circumspection.  Has it occurred to you, Mr. President, even once
that you’re not as cool as you think you are?  Has it occurred to you
that you are screwing up?  And if it has, are you happy about that?
Has it occurred to you that you have a great deal to learn and that you
need to take your own measure, or are you Mr. Perfect?  Are you

Are you The One that you’ve been waiting for?  See,
I have a little concern there may be a psychological issue at play
here.  I don’t say this to demean you, Barack.  I say it because I’m
concerned.  I mean, Tom Daschle was always “concerned” and I like the
word. I’m concerned.  You seem to have a whole lot of enemies, at least
in your own mind.  A partial list would include Fox News, insurance
companies, banks, oil companies, the “special interests,” the Supreme
Court, Republicans, talk show hosts, executives, anyone or any business
that earns over $250,000 a year, mortgage companies, credit card
companies — and the list goes on and on and on.  You have the longest
enemies list of anybody I’ve ever known.

These people are not
your enemies, though, Barack.  They are Americans.  They are part of
this country.  They are part of what makes the nation work.  You are
not.  You have nothing to do, and have had nothing to do, with this
nation’s greatness.  You can’t lay claim to greatness on any scale, not
even rhetorical.  But you have no direct relationship to the greatness
of this country.  You are damaging the possibility of further
greatness.  Nevertheless, like a bully, you continue to threaten all of
these people.  The Supreme Court, Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Big
Retail, talk show hosts, Fox News, the list goes on.  You threaten
anybody who does not agree with you.  You try to intimidate them.  You
smear them.  Your sycophantic media goes right along and carries your
water. But this is not what presidents do.

You’re supposed to
lead not by threatening people but by encouraging them, by embracing
them, by thanking them, by inspiring them.  Most of all you don’t seem
to appreciate the magnificence of this nation!  I know you don’t.  The
way you’ve been educated about this country it’s painfully obvious.
You think this country is guilty, period. Guilty and unjust.  You seem
to think this country needs to be torn down so you can rebuild it.  But
you were elected to be president, not some kind of dictator.  You must
operate within the confines of the Constitution.  You are not bigger
than the law, and you are not bigger than the people.  You were elected
to serve the people, not dictate to them.”

That could not have been said better.




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