The making and breaking of a politician

Obama was ushered into the White House thanks to the internet and I think he is going to be ushered out of the White House come 2012 thanks to the internet as well.

48,000,000 people did not vote for Obama and 52,000,000 did.  Enough to win office but hardly a tidal wave.  On the contrary.  It is a stone-cold guarantee that the 48 million will be against Obama come re-election and it also highly possible that many of the 52 million will flip.  Add to that all the people that did not vote who got the wake up call and will join in to clean house in 2010 and 2012 and the ship can be turned around.  Thanks to the internet, Obama and the Democrats simply cannot hide their true intentions.

Either the supermajority Democrats are ignorant of the huge swell of genuinely angry citizens in the USA who do not want what their selling and who do not want government to be involved in everything, or they understand perfectly clear that there is going to be such a massive house cleaning in 2010 and (hopefully) 2012 that they are trying to move as quickly as possible to pass through all the socialist garbage they can manage while they hold the seats they currently hold.

I think it is the latter.  Obama is going to single-handedly destroy his party in his attempt to remake America (his words).  If his policies were such a success and desired you would not see people like Chris Dodd decide in advance not to run for re-election only to be crushingly embarrassed when the results come out.

In a twisted way, Obama has been the best thing that has hit the country in 60 years.   He has been so effective in making millions of Americans understand why we left the King in England behind, that it even has boiled over into people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.   What planet do they live on?  It’s just a shame the country has to go right to cliff before turning around.  No other person could have woken up the citizens as has Barack Obama.

Hope and Change indeed.


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