Good for Ireland and good for Google

 You have a company and your absolute worst partner is the government in so many respects it's almost depressing.  You're trying to run a company to make a profit.  You put in all the effort (the gov't puts in none), all the risk (gov't none), and take all the chances (again, gov't none).  You employ hundreds of people which translates into thousands of people have food to eat, a place to live, education, and even a lifestyle. You're vilified for being evil, for being greedy, for being everything but someone who had a good idea and made something happen with it.  

Here an article on how Google avoids wasting around a billion dollars in senseless taxes simply by locating their offices in Ireland instead of England.  That money a.) belongs in the hands of Google frankly (they earned it after all), and b.) will surely be put to better use in the hands of Google rather than the wasteful government of England.  And Ireland gets it!  They charge a tax, but its a reasonable tax and not a usurious one.  Good for Ireland for knowing how to attract business to their country.


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