The Obama Disconnect

Not only do I think Obama is a dangerous person to have the power and influence he has at the moment, but he is in simple terms a “let down” according to this poignant article from The First Post in the UK   With Obama “there is a disconnect between the rhetoric and the reality” as this article so perfectly points out.  In the Presidential election about 50% of the vote did NOT go for Obama.  Now apparently a growing percentage of the other half of the vote is disappointed in the community organizer’s inability to fulfill the promises he laid out to his followers.  Neal Boortz points this out as well nicely.  In fact Boortz reminded us here that Obama told the American people that he would be “ready to rule on day one“.  Was that a slip of the tongue or did he really believe it?  All I can say is that in a perverse sort of way, Barack Obama has been one of the best things that has ever happened to the USA.  People are finally understanding what bullshitter this guy is.


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