The Awakening


I must say I'm feeling great about what's going on lately around the USA.  Citizens are finally standing up and confronting politicians and calling BS on them.  All over the country it's as if a national fever has reached a boiling point where people are starting to finally speak their mind on major issues.  It is abundantly clear that Obama BS'd his way into the White House and now that people are seeing where his vision leads this country they're waking up.  

The funny thing about this is that the Democrats have a community organizer as their leader and yet they get upset when a community of non-believers in the mission go out and organize themselves to say hell no we don't like what's going on.   

It's 2009.  People more and more understand that everything is packaged – including the presentation of ideas and feigned concern from politicians who long ago forgot that they are there to serve the country and you.  Check out this video from Linda Douglass, the "Communications Director of White House Health Reform".  It is so pre-packaged as if the audience is straight out of 1953 and gullible as can be.  Even her tone of voice…it's almost creepy.  Glenn Beck shreds it nicely.  Watch it and ask yourself who do you trust, Ms. Douglass or your own instinct.

Similarly, have you ever noticed for example that Obama and company only speak in platitudes.  They never actually SAY anything.  They say things that sound nice like "We are working to build a stronger America" or "We are making investments to keep the country moving in the right direction", or the classic "Make no mistake, we must take action swiftly, the time is now"   Yawn.   

Here we are 6 months into his presidency and he keeps giving speeches as if he's campaigning. Please spare us the hot air already.   Politicians should simply stop trying to manage EVERYTHING and focus on cutting out waste in the system and lowering everyone's government footprint.

Seemingly everyday now a video pops up from somewhere in the country revealing genuinely pissed-off people taking it to the politicians and flat out calling them liars.  It's about time.  Perhaps the best way to sum up the current mood is with the classic "you can fool some people sometime but you can't fool all the people all of the time".    

Glad to see the pulse of the rational starting to beat again.


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