All Hail


This video says it all.  President Obama says that he doesn't think raising taxes on the high achivers and giving their earnings to others is not punishing the achievers but rather, as he sees it, "being part of a community".   After all, he said, he and his family are secure and he's willing to contribute to help out those "less secure".  

Oh well. OK.  I guess that settles it – we are now all welcome to live by Obama's opinion and dictum.    Listen to his answer on the video.  Obama wants freedom of choice for himself and then wants to force everyone else to live with his way of thinking.  He gets freedom of choice and you don't.  That's nice.

Question: When a guy sticks up a 7-Eleven with a gun and demands the cash because he believes he is entittled to it as a member of the "community", is it OK?   What's the difference here?

I've heard it said that the definition of a Democracy is Three Wolves and a Sheep voting on what's for dinner.  There is a reason we are a representative republic.


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