Healthcare Slight of Hand


There is a huge debate going on in DC and the country about “reforming” healthcare.  Like so many things in politics, the politicians trying to reform healthcare are not interested in your health.  They are interested in accumulating and consolidating power and control over your decisions.   It is estimated that there are an 8 million people without healthcare in the USA and that by and large, most of the people in the country are generally satisfied with their level of healthcare.  Could the costs be better – sure (more on that in minute).  But think of this – Washington wants to spend something like a trillion bucks on reforming health care.  Don’t you think there is a cheaper solution than a trillion dollars to help 8 million people?  Do you really think the politicians have your best interests at heart here?  Do you really think this is all about reforming health care?  It’s slight of hand.

Regarding making health care more affordable, it starts with people understanding what healthcare costs and opening it up to the free market to compete.  Competition will not only lower costs but it will raise quality.  Think about your own situation.  When you go to the doctor and pay your $25 co-pay (or whatever it is), do you ever ask what the full cost of the bill is?  I do.  It’s huge.  It’s huge because there essentially is no free market competition going on.   But most people simply say to themselves “only cost me $25 so I’m happy”.  It did not only cost you $25.  Just like you did not get a tax “refund” last year.
Why is it that for all the other kinds of insurance you have (Auto, Home, Life etc…) you can simply call an agent, request a quote, and decide if the price/coverage fits your needs?  Why not open up healthcare to the same method?  Concerned that people won’t get it?  Make it like Auto insurance.  Want to drive a car?  Gotta get car insurance.
Lastly, It is insane that health insurance comes from Employers.  Why?  I understand there is a history there and of course good employers like to attract talent by offering certain benefits but it is ridiculous that employers are in the middle of this.   Wouldn’t it be better for both the employer and the employee if health insurance were not provided via the company and that the employee be free to shop for insurance anywhere he/she wants at the same or preferred rates as employers under volume pricing?  That also solves the portability issue.  My auto insurance is super portable, as is my home owners insurance.  My guess is that most politicians do not want the portability issue addressed in reality.
It should be a choice all around and real reform would open up healthcare to the free market and let healthcare providers compete.  It would take the burden of employers and see costs drop to the point where you could shop for good coverage at a good price.  Everything Washington is doing is the exact opposite and it’s not because they’re looking out for you but rather their looking out for power.  The more of this stuff that is in DC’s hands the easier it will be to control your vote.
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