Arrogant Politicians and Foolish Voters


Let me get this straight.  Politicians tax us then turn around and spend the money on programs and say they're helping us.  That's like the armed robber that held you up at the ATM and then bought you lunch with your money and said that he fed you (and he decided what you ate as well).

There is a very simple solution to this.  Restrict voting.  Unlike popular belief, there is no "right" to vote.  Voting is a huge responsibility and as I heard today, how you can have a representative republic if 50% of the people do not pay taxes at virtually any level?  "Progressives" love to throw around the words "distribution of wealth" and "fairness"  Here's my take on that:  If we look at the USA as if it were a company with shareholders, each with a stake in seeing it succeed, and each with voting rights, how would the votes be "distributed"?  What would be "fair"?  How would they be allocated in a company?  The answer is by the number of shares you held or purchased.   Shareholders come in different sizes.  Some have more shares and some of less.  Those that are paying the most in taxes are essentially purchasing the most shares in the country – or bigger voting blocks.  After all, those paying higher taxes are taking on more of the risk and should be entitled to have more say in how the country is managed.   Otherwise it is nothing less than theft.

So how about this idea…The company (the USA) gives each citizen a single vote.  Everyone has a vote.  Then for every $20,000 in taxes you pay you get another vote.  Did you pay $20,000 in taxes later year – you get 2 votes. Did you pay $80,000 in taxes last year?  You get 5 votes.  And so on…. Like this the taxpayers can have more influence over who gets elected into office and perhaps then the politicians will actually serve them instead of looting from them to the degree at which they do.
This has nothing to do with party but rather with that special word.  Fairness.  

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