$13,000 a Day

Good luck to New York State and good for Buffalo Sabres owner Thomas Golisano who has announced that he will now make FLORIDA his legal residence because he can save $13,000 a day being stolen from him by New York State.  After all Mr. Golisano has not contributed enough to the state nor to the many people who he employs.  But this is the best part – here it is in open daylight – the quote of the day by genius Stephen Madarasz, a spokesman for the Civil Service Employees
Association, the biggest state and local government workers union who no doubt has no problems spending other people’s money:

“It sounds like sour grapes and a little bit of greenmail,” he said of
Golisano. He said the union’s job is merely to improve the economic
well-being of its members. “All we’re trying to do is make New York a
better place to live.”

Sour grapes!  Are we kidding!  This guy thinks it’s “sour grapes” that Mr. Golisano doesn’t want to be ripped off by New York State. Stunning arrogance.  But hey Mr. Madarasz is only trying to make New York a better place to live’.  How easy for the Civil Service Employee guy to spend Mr. Golisano’s money so charitably.

Attention politicians : When you tax some action you get less of that action.  When you tax people too much you find that they will leave you behind.  The politicians in New York are going to create a real paradise up there when they drive out the taxpayers.  Maybe a better solution would be for NY to LOWER its taxes and ATTRACT people and business there, thereby RAISING its state revenue.


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