No Profit No Service

Postal jobs

President Obama is an utter disaster for the USA.    It feels natural to assume that whomever holds the office of the President is in it for the good of America.  It should be a given – something we can take for granted but that simply is not the case.  President Obama is not trying to solve problems, especially economic problems.  On the contrary Obama is in his own words trying to "remake America".

What?  Or better yet WTF?

It's not the President's job to remake America – it is his job to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States.   

The problem is that cliched as it sounds elections have consequences for the people that voted for Obama and certainly for the people who did not.   I have the clear and unmistakable impression that Obama seems to think he is the King of the USA rather than the President.  

Obama's vision of America is that things should be more equal.  That in and of itself is not his role but worse than that – his vision is to make things more equal down not up.  His publicized vision of America is one where you and I should look to government to solve the problems of the day instead of relying on yourself or on the private sector.  

This begs a fundamental question : What is it about the private sector that makes it work so well?  A profit motive.   
Business people (employers) go into action when there is a problem that needs to be solved and a profit can be made by solving it.  Think even about your own job (unless of course you work for the government).

True story:

I went to the post office last week to mail a package.  When I got to the counter there was a woman wearing a t-shirt with Martin Luther King's face on the shirt with the words "Living the Dream" across the top of the shirt.  It was 1:55 in the afternoon.  When she saw I had 2 packages she said to me that I'm going to have to wait for the next clerk to help m because she was about to "go on break".   I said to her, it's five to two, would you mind simply weighing my packages and tell me how much the postage will be".  She sighed and did it.  I filled out some forms and got back in the line which by now had about 5 people in it.  I went to the end of the line.  There was one other clerk working the counter and he was helping a lady with her passport application.  Meanwhile the 6 of us (now 8 if you count now the 2 people behind me in line) are standing there waiting….and waiting……. and waiting……  

The clerk who had to go on break was still standing at the counter messing with some papers in front of the 8 people waiting to mail their packages.  Out of the blue walks in some guy off the street with his packages to mail.  He walks right up to the counter and starts to ask the working clerk a question who starts to answer the question – meanwhile we're all still waiting in line watching in awe at how incredible bad the service is.  With that I yelled out to the clerks (and the whole room)  -hey guys!  What gives!  I let go a few expletives, picked up my packages and announced to the clerks and the room that "I was out of here and going to FedEx!".

But I'm the fool – this is exactly what the post office clerks would love! – " please sir go to FedEx – in fact the sooner you leave the less work we have to do".  There is no profit motive for government run operations.  Let me repeat that.  There is no profit motive for the government run operations.  Where there is no profit motive there is no service motive.

Now with Obama in office deliberately pushing his vision of America with more government (not less) – we can all expect this sort of service (or more precisely "non-service") to be not only at the post office, but anywhere government becomes the owner and management.   

I think that millions of Americans who think Obama actually is looking out for them simply do not understand what it will mean to have "post office level" service now also outside of the post office – or worse they don't mind.  

Which organization will give you better customer service – the one that wants your business so they can make a profit or the one that has no profit motive and could care less if you stayed or walked out the door?

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