The Great Divider


Just maybe in a messed up sort of way the best thing that ever happened to the USA was the election of Barack Obama.  Supporters of Obama are so attached to him emotionally that they’ll simply never admit the decades of problems he will (and is) causing.  America simply cannot do well under certain types of decisions and policies regardless of who makes them – he just is the one making them.  People who want him to fail would want whomever were to put the country on this direction to fail such that America could succeed.

Nonetheless, Obama does not have four years to get stuff done, he has about one before members of Congress start to go into re-election mode and start to suck up the to the voters to retain their positions.  2010 is coming fast and if Obama loses an edge in Congressional votes (one can hope) he will perhaps be prevented (yes prevented) from pushing through disastrous policies that his followers just seem to love without truly understanding the consequences of them.

Despite what the White House and so much of the media would like you to believe, not everybody loves Obama. On the contrary, I would more quickly call him the Great Divider much sooner that the Great Uniter.

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