Time is Money is Life


People all over the USA today went to the streets on April 15th to protest the direction of the country.  Clearly the tea parties that occurred today reflect an underlying anger that exists in a huge poriton of America and clearly there is a lot of outrage at President Obama’s stated plans and goals, but I think the anger and frustration we see amongst the tax paying citizens of the USA is much more focused on ALL politicians in general for utter mismanagement of the country. 

We can count on one hand (and maybe not even use all the fingers) the number politicians that are loudly and truly standing against all of the wasteful government spending.  It is right for the tax paying citizens to be freaking out over the way their lives are being stolen from them and I mean that literally.

There are hard working people all across the USA across all income levels.  These people are by and large not against paying taxes and understand perfectly that certain national bills needs to get paid.  However every dollar paid in taxes represents a real amount of time in a taxpayers life. 

Time = Money = Life

The taxpayers are not mad because they have to pay taxes.  The taxpayers are livid because they are seeing their taxes go down a black hole with no apparent end in sight.   Millions, Billions, Trillions…. Enough already. 

It’s not a question of cash-greedy taxpayers, its a question of how much of your life is yours!  How much of your year do you need to work simply to earn enough money to pay taxes?  State taxes, Federal taxes, Social Security Taxes, Medicare, Medicaid, Gasoline, Phone lines (looked at your phone bill lately?)… the list goes on. 

I find it rich that the “Left” in this country wants to make light of and is criticizing the “tea-baggers” for wanting to keep more of their money…. What?   The “tea-baggers”, want to keep more of their life.  It takes time (life) to earn money – time that cannot be recovered.   How dare the Leftists even presume to make a claim on anyone’s life (time) but their own.    Why are they trying to squelch these protests and make fun of them?  The answer is easy – it is because they are scared.

The fiscally left-leaning people in the USA (and the world for that matter) have all of these grand intentions with other people’s money and the other people finally have started to stand up and say  “go-pound-sand” .

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