A Stunning Display


I wish it were not true but the President is in way over his head (look at the way he thinks he’ll just put the moves on Russia to get help in Iran – just stunning).  Chavez is going to eat Obama’s lunch with a smile on his face and an arm around his shoulder.  

People People People….  Obama is a community organizer from Chicago.  It’s like sending the head of the YMCA to go deal with tough and street-smart foreign leaders who can’t wait to get this guy to the billiard table to shark him.   

Then there are all of the cabinet posts that fell apart.  Tax cheat after tax cheat  … and we’re supposed to trust this leadership?

And then we have Congressmen (and women) that have never held a job or employed someone in their lives telling people how things need to be done.    The sheer audacity of people like Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank is stunning. 

In Maxine Waters case, she has got to be the dumbest member of Congress without question.  Anyone that saw her “grilling” the “titans of capitalism” saw an embarrassing display of ignorance.

In the case of Chris Dodd – this man may be close to uniquely responsible for the housing collapse and now is feigning shock that bonuses are being paid to AIG executives as if he was not aware of this.  Now for the sake of the photo op he is trying to undo the bonus protection he put in in the first place.

Barney Frank….where do we even start….how about here.    Why on earth should any one listen to this disaster of Congressman.  I think the thing that is most telling about him is that he pulls the classic trick of accusing others of precisely the transgressions he is responsible for.   He is out there calling for investigations on private companies when it is we who ought to be demanding an investigation into the decisions of Mr. Frank. 

It’s like in the movie Zoolander when Mugatu says “Doesn’t anyone notice this? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!“.  

That’s it!  That’s exactly how I feel right now about these people.

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