An Open Letter to Congress


Dear Members of Congress

Where did our relationship change?  At what point did you forget that “all of you” work for “all of us” and not the other way around.  

You seem to think that we are here to fund “your” projects and that you should be able to have almost unlimited access to our work (and by default our lives as work = time).  There might be among you some exceptions but across both the Democratic party and the Republican party it is clear that you see yourselves more like royalty instead of trusted representatives.

I would expect this from the Democratic side simply because that is their basic political DNA but when I see Republican after Republican acting like Democrats and agreeing to or pushing forward programs and spending packages that tens of millions of Americans are against, I can only deduce that you really don’t give a damn.   The worst part is the tens of millions that are against this are the ones paying for it. 

Every single one of you in Congress have had golden opportunities to stand up for America over the past several months and reject the insane spending bills laden with pork projects that have come before you.  However credit does have to go to the House Republicans who all voted against the zillion dollar bailout only to be wiped out by three Republicans in the Senate.   Then there are those amongst you in Congress that quietly accept the pork projects in the Bills only to then vote against them knowing full well they’re going to pass.  Cute, but the manly thing to do would have been to rip out all of the crap and then also vote it down.  That’s change.  That’s a message.  That’s a stand.

Consider this thought for an amendment.  In a corporation there are stockholders.  The stockholders have a financial interest in seeing the company flourish.   Each stockholder, big or small, has a certain percentage of the company.  If we look at the USA as a corporation the stockholders are those that purchase the stock.  In this example that would be the taxpayers.  Yes I realize that 50% of the citizens don’t even pay taxes but for the sake of this discussion let’s give them a share of stock anyway.  Now everybody has a vote but for every $10,000 in taxes a citizen pays that citizen earns another vote when it comes to state and federal elections.  

At least by granting more voting power to those that are paying more of the taxes the investors in the country (the stockholders) can have more of a say in who is going to be on the “Board of Directors” as it were.

I know you’ll take this into consideration – yeah right.


Tony Forcucci
Atlanta, GA

ps: You need to talk to somebody and dump tax-cheat Geithner on principle.  Don’t you vet these people?

pps: Get serious about the Fair Tax.  I know it would take away a lot of your vote buying power but it would do wonders for our country.

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