One Term


There is a devastating case to be made against Barack Obama’s plan for America.  He is a Trojan horse who is now loose inside the walls of the country with plans to remake America that may as well make it Venezuela.  Is there that much difference between the policies of Hugo Chavez and those of Barack Obama?  Seriously.

Obama’s vision of America is not private markets and individuals succeeding but rather creating a large dependent class looking to the government for virtually every solution.  People got so caught up in the “historic-ness” of Obama that they set the country up for the mother of all hangovers.

The media was ‘shocked” when Rush Limbaugh said “ I want him to fail if his agenda is a far- left collectivism, some people say socialism… Why would I want socialism to succeed?”   

Everyone wants to get behind their President and see their country shine but there simply just is no better way to put it.  Obama must fail if this is to be his push, his plan and his vision for America.  His policies are proven long-term losers.

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