The 5 coolest products right now

When I first made Anthidote I did so as a place to be able to cover true talent, true quality, great products, and rational thinking – four areas in which I like to surround myself.  Well…  with all that has been going on with politics and current affairs for the past several months the posts at Anthidote have been a little heavy on the “rational thinking” side of things.  I decided to have a little fun and put up a post covering the top 5 coolest products on the market right now from what I’ve been seeing lately so here goes:

1. The Zero Halliburton briefcase : 

2. Marushin Motorcycle Helmets : 


3. The FrancisFrancis X-1 Trio Espresso Machine : 


PRS Prism

Wellensteyn Jacket

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