Rick Santelli Nails It

Rick Santell, commentator on CNBC nailed it today on TV in a display of genuine care and concern for the country, speaking the words so many Americans are thinking to themselves.  Bravo Mr. Santelli.  Perhaps one of the best things that will come out of the new administration approach is the people will start to really value their freedom more than ever as the attempt to squash it is in full effect – and that is not hyperbole for the sake of it. Perhaps the wake up call is starting to ring… Here’s the video:

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2 thoughts on “Rick Santelli Nails It

  1. Rubbish.
    The government is not resetting principal on mortgages. Instead, the government is changing the rules so that people who are in a re-structuring bankruptcy could have the principal reduced, just like it is done already for investors in bankruptcy. And many, many people facing foreclosure will not be helped by the bail out because they will not qualify for it. Only people who can pay their bills, including mortgage, will be allowed to benefit from this plan.


  2. Why has Rick Santelli resonated so much with so many people in this country? He spoke the words millions of people are thinking. You cannot oblige people to “carry the water” for those that “drink it” as he so nicely pointed out and expect the people carrying the load to be happy about it. We have millions of very generous people in the USA but taking from those that play by the rules and support themselves and then giving it to those that make bad decisions is not a receipt for long term success for the country. Frankly it is stealing if you think about it. I think it boils down to this : Half the country needs the other half to pay the bills and the half paying the bills would like some more say in how things get spent. In fact – this isn’t even an Obama thing… A huge number of Americans did not like it one bit last Fall either when Bush authorized a spending package of $700bn. Since then the market is down 4000 points. Wall street IS main street. MIllions of people are in the market. Teachers, Firemen, pensions etc… hardly fat cats…. Honest and productive people do not like seeing their taxes wasted regardless of who is setting policy. I actually think what is going on now is didactic for America because I get the impression that many people are waking up out of their sleep realizing that we actually need people to produce. I saw that Mayor Bloomberg the other day realized this when he said that he did not think it was a good idea now to raise the taxes on people in NYC because 1% of the people in NYC are paying 50% of the taxes and it would not be fair to raise that any further. This equates to 40,000 people in NYC paying 50% of all the taxes. What happens to NYC if these people decide that Florida (tax free state) would a better place to live and work? And the best of all is Mr. Patriotic – Joe Biden’s state of Delaware – why are so many companies all over the country incorporated in Delaware even thouse they have nothing to do with Delaware? You know the answer. ;-)


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