Generational Heist


The recently passed spending bill is nothing short of generational heist and a con job on every single taxpayer in the USA.  Just look at the facts.   Everything had to be passed with dire urgency (even though we've been at this for months).  The bill is over 1000 pages long.  Senators were rightfully complaining that they have not been able to digest, let alone even read the complete bill.  Obama promised that there would be time for the American people to see what's in each bill for a 48 hours before anything happens (which was immediately broken) and despite all of this this spending bill had to be passed with such urgency.  There are millions of Americans that fully realize we are being had with this bill and it is simply theft.  In the current sad state of affairs in the USA we unfortunately are afflicted by what an overseas friend of mine described as "the land of the clueless".  It is such a shame that the clueless have such numbers as to elect the wrong people into Congressional Power thinking that they are doing the right thing.


3 thoughts on “Generational Heist

  1. Unfortunately, the “wrong” people, apparently, were the choices on both sides of the aisle. I am sure that you would not have been too keen to have the likes of scary Sarah Palin in power…who would you have voted for, just curious? And BTW, the heist began years ago with Ronald Reagan and his BS trickdown economics. One could argue this is the end of Reaganism – unfortunately ended with a bang rather than a fizzle.
    This is just the chickens coming home to roost.


  2. I agree with you on the first part. Unfortunately the choices all around in the last presidential election weren’t too great. I mean come on… an old guy, a hockey mom, a community organizer, and a has been. On the second part – the heist I’m talking about here is racking up enormous amounts of debt to spend now and the next generation is going to have to figure out what to do with the bill. Above all however is the concept of trickle down. Liberals poo-poo this idea (which works) whenever the control is in the handle of private individuals like business owners or stockholders but are the first in line to apply trickle down government spending. That is exactly what the Democrats are proposing right now – that “they” spend a ton of money that will trickle down into people’s pockets. Why not simply lower taxes in a bunch of places and cause a true stimulus where you personally have more of the income that you earn remaining in your pocket. You will spend it locally in your community and stimulate economic activity. Multiply that by all of the taxpayers in the USA and you have real dollars going back to real people (who earn it) who can do with it what they choose to do instead of gov’t taking in from you and coming up with spending programs you have no control over and only take from you. I believe in trickle down economics and they (and I assume you) believe in trickle down welfare. The big difference is a gun.


  3. I believe in a balance. I would not call extending unemployment benefits “welfare” when there are no jobs to be had for a good and growing amount of people, or putting more money into education, or fixing the shitty infrastructure that covers a large part of this once- great nation. You travel – are you terribly impressed with the dilapidation of our cities that once lead the world as shining monuments to western modernity? That was like in 1940. Education, infrastructure, science – these are things worth investing in…no? How could you call it “welfare…”?
    I’m not sure how the “extra” money gotten from tax breaks will ever make their way up to funding the large-scope programs, necessary to make this country and its workers competitive in the changing world market…enlighten me. Even in New York, where there is a pretty affluent tax-base, you can take a cab ride in from La Guardia airport and think you’re in New Delhi by the conditions of the airport, the roads, the bridges. It’s friggin embarrassing!
    Anyway, good to “talk” with you. I enjoy your blog, even if I am, as you claim, the only one that reads it!
    Ciao, mi amico.


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