America has been Punk’d

I was thinking about this whole mess the USA is in…Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Billions in bailouts that vanish and do nothing, and now Obama at the helm with such beautiful speeches and utterly vapid ideas.  A few months ago we just had to take urgent action to have the Treasury issue billions in loans to banks to get the credit machine moving again.  Well the banks are holding onto these funds because they are anticipating a rough 2009 full of losses so it would be prudent to just keep it on reserve.

Now we have Congress that just passed an over $800 billion  "stimulus" package that simply is a big spending bill for programs that frankly the government has no business even thinking about let alone funding.  If you want to stimulate the economy as they claim, simply turn off income taxes and/or reduce corporate taxes.

Let people keep the money they earn.  What's the difference if they earn it, send it to Washington who then spends it so somehow is trickles down to you.  Democrats loath trickle down economics but are first in line to put it into action if they are at the helm of spending.    The difference is a question simply of power.  I am glad to see that all of the Republicans voted against this idea.  The message has to be based on policy and what is good for America.  I think the Democrats are simply trying to make up for lost time.

America has been punk'd over and over and it seems to me the only way out is going to be when the policies that Obama and the Democratic leadership completely fail. It would be nice if both the Democrats and Republicans would play for team America together but their ideas are simply too far apart.



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