Oxygen Masks and Macro Economics


Whenever you’re about to take off in an airplane, the flight attendants always give you that drill about what to do in an emergency.  There is one part in that presentation that always strikes me as unique and it’s that part where they talk about the drop-down oxygen masks.  What do they always tell you at that part?  “Place your oxygen mask over your face first before helping those next to you“.  Why is this?  Of course the answer is clear – you are not really going to be in any condition to help those around you unless you can breath….  With all of the redistributionist tendencies floating around Washington lately (and stronger than seemingly ever), I think there is something we can learn about how the airlines handle emergencies and apply it to how we might consider looking at economics.

If the oxygen mask concept makes sense in an airline emergency I think we can also see that concept makes sense in our collective day-to-day lives.  People should focus on taking care of themselves and their families first and not be forced into wealth distribution ideals that ultimately end in the same result every time they are tried which is everybody goes down.  If I do my best to take care of myself and my family first, my neighbor won’t have to be asked (or as some would have it) forced to take care of me.



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