Supply and Demand

OK kids it's back to school.  The whole world is stressed over the global financial mess and while I realize it is indeed a mess the only overriding lesson I can take away from all of the actions in the news is that if world governments (starting with our own here in the USA) would simply get out of the way of basic supply and demand the free market(s) would arrange everything into order. 

The main problem with governments is that the people in governments think that they have to tweak every little knob possible, especially at the Federal levels.  The problem is they only do a half-assed job because they claim to want free markets but then tweak something to set something straight when the free market would have done that eventually anyway.  They touch this but not that.  They spin that but not this.  Let the free market do what it does.  It is not the role of Government to provide everyone a house.  It is not the role of Government to make sure every little part of your life is covered.  Government needs to get out of the way and let supply and demand handle the heavy lifting.  You watch over the next few months and years – the US Government in buying bad loans and taking over actual land lording of homes will eventually by default have to go back to the free market (private individuals) who will be the ones that will purchase back these properties at a price only they are willing to pay.  It will be at a time and place of their choosing – the individuals.   Only then will we have a solution.

Let the private market deal with the supply and demand of goods and services.



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