Atlas Shrugged is coming…

Yesterday the US Congress passed the “bailout” bill for well over $700 Billion.  This was a very bad idea and a ominous way to solve this matter.  Socialism never works.  Leave this matter to the private sector.  At some point the producers of this world will get tired of being treated so poorly.

This reminds me of Ayn Rand’s incredible book ‘Atlas Shrugged‘ where the producers of our society decided to remove themselves from the collectivized society that completely and disrespectfully took advantage of their brains and ability.  It was a lesson of who really needs who and what happens when the smart and competent decide willingly to simply stop producing.  The book is arguably the best book I have ever read (it’s a toss up between that and “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris).  The ultimate result of the novel shows the collapse of society until the government comes back to the producers of the world, led by the the protagonist John Galt, begging them to get things rolling again.  The response was “get government out of the way” and we’ll come back.

It reminded me also of why so much of this country relates to the VP Nominee Sarah Palin who herself in the Vice Presidential debate on Oct 2, 2008 said “Government is not the solution and needs to get out of the way“.  She is right on that.

Apparently the Atlas Shrugged movie is in the works.  Excellent.



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