Cockpit view of an F/A-18 catapult take off

That was fast.

Skating on Thin Ice Audio

Listen to the sound of this. Recorded on Lissma Kvarnsjö outside Stockholm the 5th of December

One guy plays the entire orchestra by himself all at the same time

Well not just anyone, this is Pat Metheny who is the Mozart of our time.  This is his Orchestrion project from a few years ago but if you haven’t seen it check this out.

And here’s how he does it –

Best Buskers You’ll Ever See

Funky Town and more.  Actual power from the Lucky Chops

Roadway Intersection Planning

Which shape yield the most traffic flow?  Some of these are bonkers. Martin Thielecke shows us.


Best Video Game of the 80’s is….

Defender.  Sound effects are on point in this classic game.