Super cool music video

Super cool music video full of creativity. ┬áThe band said “NO visual effects or green-screens were used in the making of this video. Everything you see was created by hand using 2,250 separate pieces of paper, each printed with a frame of a previously filmed performance video. Each piece of paper was then photographed frame-by-painstaking-frame by an incredible production team.” Good track too.


SUNSET FREE FALL Skydiving with a RED

Best Skydiving video ever from Erikriek over there on YouTube:

Why Toto’s Rosanna is such a great song

Rick Beato breaks it down for you.

The Philosophy Behind Rush’s Lyrics

Such a creative and original band.

Why English in one of the most bonkers languages in the world.

Aaron Alon shows us why English is so hard to learn sometimes…

There are no special effects in this video