Red Glow Outside of Shanghai

Here’s a favorite shot I took at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.  It was a massive complex covering entire city miles with hyper-uturistic buildings and lighting.  This particular section was a multi-story tower of light that projected messages and turned different colors casting a cool glow over the immediate area.  I’ve been to China many times […]

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Awesome Shanghai Short Film

This is one of the best depictions you’ll see today showcasing how much energy there is in Shanghai.  I’ve been to Shanghai many times and it is easily one of the coolest, most dynamic cities on the planet.  Rob Whitworth really captured the vibe in a unique and original way.  Check it out. This is […]

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Chinese Retail

Retail in Asia is at a completely other level than here in the USA and in China it’s particularly intense. The interesting thing about China (and in this photo taken in Shanghai on West Nanjing Road) is that virtually all wealth is new money – and when I say “new” I mean in the past […]

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Welcome to China

In a small neighborhood in Shanghai we’d go for breakfast or even dinner along a street that is full of food vendors one after the next.  The whole street smells of garlic and cooking meat.  None of it’s too clean but it’s all impressive in a “travelers’ kind of way.  Not for the faint of […]

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