Imagining the 10th Dimension

Here is an 11 minute video which will either leave you with a headache or keep you thinking all week about it.  Straight out of the Matrix, this video noodles through the various folds and bends in moving from the 3rd dimension we live to the possible scenarios strewn out across time and multiple possibilities […]

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I've been noodling with Twitter a bit more and learned something pretty interesting.  The Twitter "bird" logo was simply pulled down from  The story is here on Wired.

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Project 10^100

Google recently announced a project soliciting ideas from everywhere and anyone on changing the world for the better.  The best 100 ideas will be posted will go to the web for the public to review.  The top 5 will go to an advisory board that will select the winner.  Google is committing $10,000,000 to the […]

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EPIC 2015

Here’s something both historical and futuristic simultaneously on how the web came to be and where the power player could theoretically take it into the “Evolving Personal Information Construct” You’re either going to love this or you’ll be a bit freaked out.  Either way, the piece is creative.  The original was written from the perspective […]

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